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LATTICEEASY consists of the following files

Contains the main() function for latticeeasy as well as the declarations of global variables (all of which are declared as extern in latticeeasy.h).
Contains the function initialize(), which performs all initialization tasks. These include setting initial conditions for field fluctuations, setting the derivative of the scale factor to its initial value, and initializing various run parameters.
Contains the functions for incrementing the fields, the field derivatives, and the scale factor and its derivative. This file also contains the function for calculating the gradient energy of the fields.
Contains all the functions for calculating derived quantities and saving them to files. These quantities include field means and variances, the scale factor and its derivatives, components of energy density, spectra, and histograms. This file also contains a function for periodically saving an image of the lattice.
Contains code for performing Fourier transforms. FFTEASY is itself a stand-alone set of routines written by Gary Felder and available at
Contains definitions and declarations used throughout the program.
Contains all the adjustable parameters for doing runs. These include variables such as grid size and time step, as well as variables determining what output to save and how often to do it.
Contains the information specific to a particular model. A library of these files is included in the directory ``models.'' Any one of them can be copied to the program directory and renamed model.h to run that model.
A makefile for compiling the program. By default it is set to use g++ but this can easily be modified.

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