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The Potential Derivative

The equations of motion for the fields all involve the term ${\partial V \over \partial f}$. When these equations are derived in program variables in section 6.1 this term simply becomes ${\partial
V_{pr} \over \partial f_{pr}}$. So once you have written down the program potential all you have to do is take its derivative. For the TWOFLDLAMBDA model this gives

{\partial V_{pr} \over \partial \phi_{pr}} = \left(\phi_{pr}...
...\chi_{pr}^2\right) \phi_{pr} \qquad\mbox{(TWOFLDLAMBDA model)}
\end{displaymath} (4.12)

{\partial V_{pr} \over \partial \chi_{pr}} = gl \phi_{pr}^2
\chi_{pr}. \qquad\mbox{(TWOFLDLAMBDA model)}
\end{displaymath} (4.13)

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